About OpenMentor

  • About OpenMentor

    OpenMentor is a non-profit organization, registered in India, under the Indian Trust Act 1882. It was started in 2009 as a CSR initiative (Corporate Social Responsibility) by Softsmith Infotech with the motto "The Whole World can learn for free". Softsmith Infotech started OpenMentor learning portal based on the study carried out with various institutes and their course content versus the actual requirement by the industry.

    OpenMentor thrives hard to meet the gap between college learning and industry requirement. OpenMentor is also driven by the thought "No individual should be deprived of basic software skills when learner is interested in knowing about the subject".

    OpenMentor feels that to survive in the software industry or to enter into software industry, there are some basic software skills that need to be enriched and those needs are met through various software skill programs provided by OpenMentor site.

    OpenMentor works hard to increase the employability through a set of structured methods. Currently OpenMentor comes up with unique concept in evaluating the skills of the individual through specially designed programs. All these programs are available for free for all the job seekers. To know more about this, visit OpenMentor model for Job Seekers.

    OpenMentor invites suggestion from the Employers on selecting the right candidate for their requirements. Give your valuable suggestion in Employers Suggestion form (requires login authentication).

    To improve our site, feel free to give your suggestion/Feedback in Feedback Form.

  • Who contributes to OpenMentor?

    OpenMentor receives donations from people who believe and love free online education activities. Senior consultants from Softsmith Infotech provide immense support to create video lessons and online exam question papers.

  • How OpenMentor sustains by giving it FREE?

    OpenMentor has more than 100,000 users all over the world. OpenMentor receives donations and that is used to maintain servers and the portal. Softsmith Infotech provides human resource support to create intellect asset.

  • Why to learn through OpenMentor?

    OpenMentor's unique method of evaluation increases the employability of a candidate. OpenMentor evaluation methods are described under Openmetor model for Job Seekers.OpenMentor allows candidates to post their profiles either through linked in link or posting directly to the site. Based on the interest of the candidate and their evaluation sheets available with OpenMentor, OpenMentor allows those profiles to be viewed by the employers. Interested employers will directly call the candidate and the rest of the procedures are followed as per the employers rules.

    OpenMentor allows their evaluation sheets to be viewed by the employer's along with their profile. Candidate profile can be viewed only by the respective candidate or by the employer. OpenMentor also allows the posting of Job availability by the respective employer's and this will help the candidate to post their resume for those Job as well.

  • What is the difference between OpenMentor Resume and Other Job Portals?

    In all job portals evaluation of the candidate is not done before accepting the resume to that portal. In Reality, if an employer search for a candidate in other job portal out of 100 they might get around 1 to 4 people who has potential to attend the interviews.

    In OpenMentor, OpenMentor teams thoroughly examine the resume posted, evaluates the candidate for the correctness of the content with appropriate test and publishes the result along with OpenMentor comments. Employer has an option to view such comments and take appropriate decision. This reduces lot of time for the employer in screening the candidates credibility.

  • OpenMentor model for Job Seekers

    Based on the survey Openmentor had with their customers, it has been found that following skills need to be tested and reported along with the resume of the individual, who seeks job. With that understanding Openmentor evaluates people in following skills:

    Aptitude test, Basic English Test, Testing Knowledge on the subject at 3 levels.

    Apart from this Openmentor tracks and gives credit points based on
    1. Number of questions asked by the learner
    2. Quality of the question
    3. Ability to solve problems
    4. Attitude towards learning new concepts

    The last four entities are generally captured during the live session attended by the job seeker.

    Openmentor team coordinates with each of the interested participants and get their comfort level and invites them to participate in the live interactive question and answer session on each of the course topics, atleast once a month. All the interested participants can attend this session for free.

    We also allow the interested candidates to participate in subject tests. Subject Tests generally have 3 levels. Level 1 being basics and level 3 is based on live case study issues and method adopted by user to solve the issues.

    Marks scored are converted into credits and Openmentor team will give the entire report to the employer along with the recommendation letter from Openmentor.

    We are sure this will help the employers to get the right employee.

  • OpenMentor for Freshers

    Freshers graduated with Engineering, MCA, BCA, Commerce and science background, have potential to become very good developer and/or testers. OpenMentor site provides lot of Software skills for FREE to access and OpenMentor's unique Employability Model allows them to test fresher's skill in the subject they are interested. Freshers have a provision to interact with the trainers to get their doubts clarified, to know more about interview questions and how to answer a question that they do not know.

    OpenMentor believes that learning one particular skill is not sufficient to get the job with the current competition prevailing in the market. Market is shrinking in terms of the volume of Jobs available vs Number of passed outs from the education institutions,year over year. OpenMentor bridges the gap between education institutions and Job providers in terms of expected software skills by the employers. OpenMentor strives hard to increase the employability skill of a Fresher by frequent interaction, mentoring, develop individual interpersonal skill, soft skills, software skills ,support them to improve their communication using vocabulary test etc.. These features are unique to OpenMentor, which enable and increase the employability of the registered users.

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