• Who is a mentor?

    "Mentor" means "A wise and trusted counsellor or teacher or guide "

  • Who is behind open mentor?

    Softsmith Infotech Pvt Ltd (India) powers this movement (http://www.softsmith.com). Hundreds of volunteers who have the desire to teach, are behind us.

  • What is webinar?

    Web Seminar is termed as webinar. A live session being conducted over the web is webinar.

  • Is there any fee I have to pay to attend open mentor webinars?

    No. You need not spend any money at all.
    Our motto is "The whole world can learn for free".

  • Why is Open Mentor free?

    Open Source movement has revolutionized the software field in terms of reach, affordability,
    innovation and quality. Open Mentor aims at revolutionizing the education field. The internet world has got free products like MSN IM, Yahoo IM, Skype, Hotmail etc. These free
    products have changed the dimension of the internet world in a very short span. One thing for which no one can say NO � and that is learning.
    Hence Softsmith provides this service as a free product.
    Learning has no virtual limit and it is independent of market conditions;
    it is limited only by human mindset

  • What do I gain out of free webinars?

    During the session, you see our screen; you hear our lecture; you can ask question.
    So you learn any subject for free.

  • Who can attend these webinars?

    Anyone who wants to learn can attend. School students, college students, working people,
    job seekers, life long learners, home makers and others can attend any session for free.

  • What do you offer?

    We offer the following:
    Free live training sessions.
    Free online examinations.
    Free learning presentations.
    Free elearning demos.
    Free mock interviews.

  • Do you offer any job?

    No. We train you to the fullest extent. You know how to swim!

  • Can I see a sample set of training ics?

    Software languages/databases
    Hardware, networking, troubleshooting
    Human Resource
    Accounting principles
    Loans, Forex
    Spoken English
    Marketing and Sales (SEO, Email marketing etc)
    Engineering subjects
    Logistics and warehouse management
    Planning and scheduling

  • How to attend webinars?

    1. On your browser, turn OFF any pop-up blockers. In Internet Explorer, under tools menu, you can see Pop-up Blocker. Click on Turn OFF.

    2. If you use FireFox, under Tools menu, Options sub menu, Content Tab, UNCHECK the Block Pop Up Windows check box.

    3. On your browser, enable install on demand. In Internet Explorer, under tools menu, Internet Options, Advanced Tab, CHECK the Enable Install On Demand (Other) check box.

    4. If you use FireFox, under Tools menu, Options sub menu, Content Tab, CHECK the Enable JavaScript check box.

    5. When you click on register link, it will ask you to enter name, email details. Provide the same and register.

    6. You will get an email with a special unique link for you to attend the webinar.

    7. On the date of webinar at the time of a webinar that you want to attend, stay connected to internet.

    8. Click on the special unique link given to you after registering.

    9. For the very first time, it will download a small program. If system prompts to download and run the same, allow it to download and run.

    10. Once it is installed on your PC, you will see our screen and you will hear our voice.

    11. Make sure your headset is connected. Speakers are ON and volume is set to highest.

    12. There is no actual place you need to come and attend the webinars. This is a web based teaching.

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