Recorded Training

Computer Basics
Very Basics of Software Learn fundamentals about computer, and its software
Database-MySql All essential operations on MySql.
Database Design Database design is one of the key areas in product design. This session is useful for all analysts.
Database-Oracle Oracle basics, PLSQL elements, Data Definition, Data Manipulation
Datawarehouse and ETL
Critical Points in Coding and Testing Some key points that everyone must know and follow, during development and testing
Application Design Design application - UI, Database, Interface and Logic
Domains CRM, eCommerce
ERP Introduction to ERPs.
SCM - Supply Chain Management Overview, Sourcing, Distribution, Tracking, ERP components
eCommerce Workflow How eCom applications work - this is detailed in this course.
POS - Point of Sale Point of sale concepts, items, billing, promotions etc.
CRM Customer Relationship Management, Marketing, Sales, Support.
HR - Human Resources Complete life cycle of employee in a HR application, from recruitment to resignation
Engineering and Science
NPTEL Online Learning Material NPTEL provides a large set of online learning material for students and faculties, in engineering and science. You can visit or for the videos. The courses are prepared and delivered by top notch professors from IITs and IISc. Thanks to Ministry of HRD, Government of India for funding this great initiative.
Spoken English - lessons in Tamil Spoken English lectured in Tamil
Tamil Grammar (lectures in Tamil) Tamil Grammar (lectured in Tamil)
Other Tools
Tools - Visual Source Safe Source code control, Version control, Configuration Management, Admin and User operations
Tools - Visio Flow, Architecture and design diagrams
Tools - Microsoft Word Learn Microsoft Word. This will address basic and most frequently used features, in daily life.
Tools - Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is a very popular and powerful tool for any kind of tabular data representation. It helps to capture data, format data and analyze data using charts. Excel can have powerful mathematical formulas as well.
Tools - Microsoft Powerpoint Learn Powerpoint. This will help you to understand the essentials of Powerpoint features.
Perl Scripting Perl Scripting basics, hash table, subroutines and functions, file handling, database handling
Language - Cobol COBOL is one of the simplest and very powerful languages. It is better that everyone starts with COBOL to enter the software world. You will learn how to code a powerful COBOL Program.
HTML Builder Create HTML pages. Get into web programming.
Language - C C language elements, compile, execute, debug
Language - VB Dot Net Using VB.Net to create applications.
Language - Java You must know these features in Java
UNIX Basics Essential UNIX commands for file and directory access, tail/head, basic vi editor operations, cat, man, cal utilities.
Language - Python Python elements and usage
Language - VBScript VBScript elements and techniques
Code Review Tools Importance of code review, how to do code review
Java Script Essentials of JavaScript
Project Management
Why People Fail at work?
Project Plan - OpenProj Plan, Schedule and Track progress of project activities
Project Risk Management Plan, assess and monitor risks
Report Writing
Chart Director Build catchy charts and dashboards for your products.
Report Writers - Telerik Reporting Build nice reports for your applications.
White Box Testing Memory Leaks, Profiling, Code Coverage, Automation
Testing as career for freshers
Software Testing Part 1 Basics of software testing, Overview of SDLC phases (essential for any software person), SDLC Models
Interview Expectations in Software Testing Problems with candidates, Problems with interviewers, New trends in interviews, Recruitment Patterns
Test Management using QAMonitor Manage requirements, test cases, test execution, bugs and tasks
Productivity Improvements in Testing
Security Testing Authentication, Authorization, Malicious Files, SQL Injection, JS Injection, Trojans, Firewalls, Encryption, Phishing
Software Testing Part 3 Test bed setup, test execution, bug tracking, defect analysis
DataBase Testing Know DB concepts well to test the DB part of any application. These concepts are extremely important when you test large applications like ERP etc.
Web Services Testing Webservice basics, Manually testing services, Load testing services, Automation of tests
Software Testing Part 2 Master Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Test Conditions, Test Cases, Test Coverage
Compatibility, Interoperability, Usability Testing Browser and DB compatibility, Testing across OS and devices, Usability aspects of products
Testing Tools
Performance Testing Concepts Non-functional tests, types of performance tests, what do we test in performance, load test tool features
Load Testing Mobile Apps
HP Quality Center (QC) Site admin features, project admin features, requirements, test planning, test execution in test lab, bug tracking and dashboards.
IBM Rational Functional Tester Create scripts, object maps, data pools, verification points
Test Automation - Test Complete Test complete provides functional test automation capabilities.
Test Automation - Selenium
Selenium Advanced This elaborates finer details of Selenium test automation tool, testNG, Selenium Remote Control RC, Selenium WebDriver. A must listen playlist for test automation lovers.
Test Automation - QTP QTP is one of the leading automation tools by HP.
Bugzilla, BitBucket, SPCG You come to know about some of the leading bug tracking tools
HP LoadRunner Create vugen script, parameterize data, log messages, place transactions, run multiple vusers from controller, ramp up and ramp down users, run test for fixed duration or iterations.
JMeter by Apache Proxy, Record, Thread Groups, Controllers, Assertions, Parameters, Regular Expression Extraction
IBM Rational Functional Tester 8.5 IBM Rational Functional Tester 8.5 | IBM Rational Functional Tester 8.5 is a powerful test automation tool. The videos in this playlist provide a good jump start to anyone who wants to learn automation principles. Scripting using Java language basics is explained in detail.
Neoload Performance Testing Neoload is a great performance testing tool, provided by It has record, replay, parameterize, correlate, population, user ramp up features and many more.
Live Load Testing 1000 virtual users hitting 2 different applications - one online shopping application and one enterprise application. See how cpu, memory etc. are monitored during load testing
Test Automation - Silk Test SilkTest is one of the major test automation tool that can help in functional testing.
IBM Rational Performance Tester Recording, replay, data pool, correlation, verification point, schedule.
Web - ExtJS Library Coding good UI using ExtJS JavaScript library
Web - Java Script Essentials of JavaScript
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