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First of all thanks to you for conducting such wonderful classes. All the classes were clear, understandable and genuinely great. These were made more rich by introducing recorded sessions.

- Madhavi Doddihal
Software Testing is one of the emerging areas in IT industry which is rapidly growing. Increased competition and customer demand has made software testing a key operation which demands nowadays top talents and pay packets.

The Global software Testing market is estimated to be $17 billion dollars. The market opportunity for the Indian offshore testing companies is currently $10 billion, estimated to rise to $15 billion in 2012. The software-testing arena would require 25,000-30,000 professional in the next one year as per the IDC report.

Software is integrated into every area of our lives, it's critical to the way we live.

In industry - we no longer have to justify why we need Software testers. Companies are already convinced.

Testing is attracting higher standards of talent.

Decade ago, testing was not recognized at the same level as development. Today, both billing rates and salary levels of testing professionals are comparable, and at cases better than programming professional.

Customers are more exposed to technology and will not accept anything less than perfect software.

Next generation users are more technically advanced. There is low tolerance for poor usability and poor performance.

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