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Testing Services
Please spend 30 seconds and ask these questions to yourself.
  1. Are we sure that everything is tested in the application?
  2. Is our testing team taking more time than we planned?
  3. Do I have enough details on testing, before I take on to my clients confidently?
  4. How many open issues are still there in the application - any numbers?
  5. How many surprise bugs we saw in the last one month after releasing the product to customer?
Hope you got the message. If you have a doubt on any of the questions above, you need a testing partner. Softsmith is here to assist you.
The testing activity looks simple, but it expands for ever. One single bug encountered by your client, will drive you crazy.
We carry out functionality tests on your product - every field, every single form or page, every business work flow, every report or chart. Whenever there are changes in requirements or fixes, your application needs regression tests. We do that for you.
To ensure that your application works fast enough, we do performance tests on your product. We can simulate 1000s of users hitting your product and we test your product with millions of records.
To ensure that your application is guarded against attacks, we do security tests on your product. We run vulnerability assessments (VA) and penetration tests (PT).
Multi-browser and multi-OS environment is common nowadays. Your application needs to work consistently in different environments. We do compatibility tests to ensure it displays and works consistently.
When you have got 1000s of test cases to execute every time, you need to automate. That saves time and money. We do test automation to reduce the cycle time.
Case Study

Incentive Plan Module (Microsoft .Net)

Softsmith infotech executed the development project
using total off site model and provides functional & performance testing for Fullerton India Ltd using ASP.net and Ajax technology

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