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1. Introduction to Load testing tools
    Need for performance testing tool
    Performance test planning
    Identify most used transactions
    Identify Workload Profiles
    Identify Workload Data

2. Vuser Generator
    Protocol selection
    Log message
    Replay in vugen
    Automatic Correlation
    Manual Correlation
    Check points
    C Scripting
    Built-in Load runner Function
    Generating Log Messages

3. Controller
    Pulling Scripts one Controller scenario
    Assign users absolute and percentage
    Run multiple iterations, with pacing logic
    Ramp up, Duration and ramp down
    Setting up SLA
    Rendezvous point
    Run from a different load generator.
    Emulate browser settings
    Emulate network speed
    Detailed logging
    Think time settings
    Proxy settings

4. Analysis
    SLA Report
    Summary Report
    Standard graphs
    Adding New Graphs
    Web Page Diagnostics
    Bottle Neck Identification
    Resource Monitoring
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