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What do you mean by independent testing?

When a software company develops an application and it is tested internally, the internal QA team often operates within the boundaries of the company’s process and knowledge base. Often, the customer scenario is different from what the internal QA teams think. Also in most of the companies, development and QA teams report to the same project manager. Hence the freedom of testing is distorted.
Softsmith comes with a very rich experience in testing applications, in an unassuming way. When Softsmith tests a product, the aim to find the defects without any bias. When we test the product, we try to mimic the end users to the extent possible.
What are the engagement models, Softsmith provides?
We carry out in onsite (at client’s place), offsite (at a different location within the same country) and at offshore (from our India offices).
What will be a typical team structure, to start with?
A team usually consists of 1 test lead (client interaction, test planning, schedule management, review), 1 senior tester (create test cases, execute tests, analyze bugs and review work done by junior testers) and 2 junior testers (write test cases, execute tests, report bugs).
Depending upon the project size, this team is ramped up quickly.
How can a customer get confidence level in outsourcing to Softsmith?
Softsmith offers proof of concept (PoC) to every client. When it comes to functional testing, we offer 2 weeks PoC by a small team on one of the modules of your application.
  This PoC is free of cost. During this PoC, the team takes a smaller module, writes test cases, executes the tests, reports the bug to clients. The 2 week run ensures that our process, documentation and team collaboration are at an acceptable level to the customers. If clients like the PoC and continue as a project, the PoC period is billed to client only for half the effort.
What kind of performance testing Softsmith offers?
  Softsmith has conducted volume testing (millions of records in databases), load and stress tests (large number of concurrent users), capacity tests (to see the breaking point of an application) and endurance tests (running tests for many days continuously).
How do you communicate and collaborate with onsite clients?
  Our teams use Citrix GoToMeeting for showing any demos to customers, Skype for voice conferences, and our product SPCG (Software Process Compliance and Governance). SPCG helps us to track tasks, test cases and defects.
  Apart from the above, regular phone lines and emails act as communication media.
What kind of test automation tools are used by Softsmith?
  Softsmith team has expertise in Quick Test Professional (QTP), WInRunner, SilkTest, Rational Robot, Rational Functional Tester, TestComplete and QAWizard.
For load testing, Softsmith team has done many engagements using LoadRunner, SilkPerformer, Rational Performance Tester, and WebLoad.
Our requirements documents are not good. How can Softsmith help us?
Our business analysis team has helped customers in documenting the specifications in use case format as well as feature list formats. The team will collate information from various sources related to the product (such as user manuals, help files, older specs, design documents etc) and present a new specification document that is in sync with the product.
What does Softsmith require form a client to start with?
We need to understand the application functionality. Provide us a demo, any existing requirements specification documents or existing test cases. Then we will arrive at a set of new test cases for the application. We require your review on the same.
Of course we need the application binaries to be tested.
Apart from testing, what other value services we get from Softsmith?
Softsmith provides training in testing to your QA team.

Softsmith’s collaboration product SPCG (Software Process Compliance and Governance) helps you to automate your processes.
Softsmith conducts series of knowledge sharing webinars over internet. This will give a lot of mentoring and learning experiences to your team.
Case Study

Packetized data transmission

Softsmith has provided a customized solution to address
packetization of data and transmit the same in a low bandwidth scenario to its customers

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