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We believe that donating our knowledge to the whole world is the best thing that we can do. You cannot attach a price tag to that.
The whole world can learn for free
Softsmith conducts a series of webinars online to benefit the student community.

There is no cost to the learner at all.

All software used by us to show demo are either free downloads or free evaluation software provided by respective product companies.

How to attend webinars?

1. On your browser, turn OFF any pop-up blockers. In Internet Explorer, under tools menu, you can see Pop-up Blocker. Click on Turn OFF.

2. If you use FireFox, under Tools menu, Options sub menu, Content Tab, UNCHECK the Block Pop Up Windows check box.

3. On your browser, enable install on demand. In Internet Explorer, under tools menu, Internet Options, Advanced Tab, CHECK the Enable Install On Demand (Other) check box.

4. If you use FireFox, under Tools menu, Options sub menu, Content Tab, CHECK the Enable JavaScript check box.

5. When you click on register link, it will ask you to enter name, email details. Provide the same and register.

6. You will get an email with a special unique link for you to attend the webinar.

7. On the date of webinar at the time of a webinar that you want to attend, stay connected to internet.

8. Click on the special unique link given to you after registering.

9. For the very first time, it will download a small program. If system prompts to download and run the same, allow it to download and run.

10. Once it is installed on your PC, you will see our screen and you will hear our voice.

11. Make sure your headset is connected. Speakers are ON and volume is set to highest.

12. There is no actual place you need to come and attend the webinars. This is a web based teaching.

Online Learning

Online learning helps you to learn from anywhere, anytime. We help you to do self-assessment as well.

The whole world can learn for free.
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