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QAMonitor is an all-inclusive tracking software, that is used for task, QA and help desk tracking. These are the three painful areas for any organization. By not tracking these vital areas, companies spend a lot of money on rework and issue fixes.
QAMonitor provides the following critical benefits to you
  1. High visibility to management
  2. Extremely simple and light-weight screens for end users
  3. Variety of metrics charts and alerts
  4. High flexibility to suit your templates and workflow
  5. You give us your templates by email. We will configure the app, make it ready and give you login access within 24 hours
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What is the cost involved?
  1. It is FREE; no need to procure any licenses
  2. It is already hosted on cloud; hence no need to install anything
  3. It is over the web; you can access it from anywhere, anytime
  4. No need to spend on any hardware, cooling, power backup
  5. No need for a system admin to monitor your servers
  6. By providing all these to you, we save anywhere between $5000 to $10000 per year, for you
  7. All features of the product are absolutely FREE
  8. About 100+ reports and pre-built charts are FREE
  9. Usage is FREE forever
  10. Email SUPPORT within 5 business days is also FREE
Who must use QAMonitor
  1. If you have a team and you want to track their tasks accurately, then you need this
  2. If you want to track all bugs or issues or defects in your project, QAMonitor is the best choice
  3. If you do customer service or support and want to track help desk cases or tickets, QAMonitor can assist you
  4. If you do software or hardware testing, you can feel the difference when you embrace QAMonitor
What are our differentiators
  1. The tools that provide end to end test management, are not affordable to SMEs. We make a big difference there
  2. Most of the test management tools do not have task tracker in it
  3. Our roadmap is to help the overall organization, with HR and CRM as well. See Roadmap section in this page
What is charged
  1. If you want this product to be installed on your own servers, there is a fee, which is one-tenth of leading tools
  2. If you need a specific report or chart to suit your needs, we build it for a small fee
  3. Email support within 1 business day and online text chat support is available for a small fee
Product Roadmap
  1. Q2 - 2011 - Email workflow integration, A bundle of new reports based on your valuable feedback
  2. Q2 - 2011 - CRM functions - Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Quotes, Contacts, Product lists, Campaigns
  3. Q3 - 2011 - HR functions - Employee details, Leave requests, Travel requests, Reimbursement requests, skillset details, Interview tracking
Full Feature List

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This list will give all the features that are available with our product.
These features are built based on industry best practices.

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