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Course Overview

Selenium is a Functional Test Automation tool for Web Application. This course is intended in providing good exposure to various components of Selenium like IDE, Selenium Server (RC) or Selenium Web Driver, and TestNG Framework. Learning Selenium will add a great value to your profile as several companies are looking out of Selenium Professionals.

The entire course will take 25 hours. 8 hours is for basic features, second 8 hours is for advance working concepts of Selenium.

Rigorous practice or 3rd part of 8 to 10 hours is for getting more exposure to automation and independence to manage the tool.

Who can attend?

Online training is best suited for all kind of people, who like to

1. Minimize travel time and utilize that time in practice
2. Confident on their own ability and believe in online training.
3. Believes in best trainer lead to correct approach to learn.
4. Understand the difficulty in reaching people by the best trainer.
5. Use technology to their benefit.

Part 1

1. Best suited for fresher exposed to manual testing concepts
2. Manual not exposed to Selnium
3. Tester scripts and runs the script
    a. Why are we getting script error?
    b. Why it works sometime and not working when needed?
    c. Resolving the problem faced
    d. How can be confident that script is resolved and will work all the time?
    e. Review others scripts?
    f. How to report and issue faced in Selenium scripting? Is the understanding right?
    g. Have we tried all the possibilities available in Selenium?
    h. Problem in portability of scripts?

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participant will in a position to do right approach for any performance testing project. Manage the right script and validate the script for Add the End of the Course you will be able to:

1. Record Script using Selenium IDE
2. Export the Script to TestNG.
3. Configure Eclipse of TestNG.
4. Enhance the generated script using java Code.
5. Run the Script on Various browsers.
6. Integrate the Selenium Script with ANT.

Course Content

Selenium IDE

  1. Installing Selenium IDE.
  2. Recoding the test steps using Selenium Recorder.
  3. Replaying the Selenium test script.
  4. Selenium IDE features and options.
  5. Adding Assertions.
  6. Converting the recorded scripts into Java (testng) format.
Features of Java

  1. Features of Java
  2. Why Java for Selenium
  3. First Eclipse Project
  4. First Java Program
  5. Concept of class file
  6. Data types in Java
  7. Conditional Statements
  8. Looping Statements
  9. String manipulation Methods
  10. User Defined Methods
  11. Inheritance
Selenium Remote Control

  1. Purpose of Selenium RC.
  2. Components of selenium RC.
  3. Setting up the selenium RC.
  4. Configuring the Eclipse for TestNG
  5. .
  6. Enhancing the recorded scripts using selenium methods.
  7. Data driven test.
  8. Database validations.
Selenium Framework using ANT

  1. Installing and configuring ANT.
  2. Selenium ANT framework Structure.
  3. Creating build.xml file
  4. Building Framework
  5. Running the test suite from command prompt
  6. Viewing the Results

Sample recorded session

Selenium Day 1 (Full Part)

Selenium Day 2 (Full Part)

Case Study - Demo

Participants will be seeing a live of a automating an application using selenium. We will taking a real time application and will showing you how we create test scripts and integrate them.

Course Fees

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