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Thanks for your high quality presentation.I assure you that, from my side atleast, in future, Softsmith can expect more number of attendees for your webinars. Where Softsmith stands out is the dedication and sincerity with which you are conducting these programmes.

- Ashwini Pulugurta
Course Overview

It is important that a tester knows a combination of manual testing, automation testing and performance testing. Just manual testing alone may not be sufficient, nowadays.

CSTP is the Certification in Software Testing course and it covers Manual Testing, Quality Center (QC), QTP, Selenium, Load Runner (LR). This course is intended in providing the exposure to the manual testing, automation and performance testing. 100% JOB READY in less than 140 hours + 30 days. This includes 110 hours of theory and 150 hours of practice session. You can opt for individual or of any combination. CSTP consists of Theory and Practical. 30 days session is for rigorous practice session on any one of the area Manual or QTP or Selenium. This rigorous practice is very important for people to understand the testing nuances.

Theory and Exercise include
1. Manual Testing - 20 hours
2. QC - 10 hours
3. QTP - 30 hours
4. Load runner - 20 hours

*Click on the link to see detailed course content.

Guided Project Includes
1. Manual - 20 hours
2. QC - 10 hours
3. QTP - 30 hours

Who can attend?

Online training is best suited for all kind of people, who like to

1. Minimize travel time and utilize that time in practice
2. Confident on their own ability and believe in online training.
3. Believes in best trainer lead to correct approach to learn.
4. Understand the difficulty in reaching people by the best trainer.
5. Use technology to their benefit.

This course is for whom?

1. Fresher passed out of college
2. People who like to make their career in testing
3. People who like to get the job in IT industry with their domain knowledge learnt from other industries
4. People who are in BPO want to make their career in Testing, Their asset is domain knowledge they gained in BPO.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, participant will in a position to enter into IT sector into testing division. Fresher can update their profile with the real time project they have done during practical session of each of the class.

Intention of this course is to introduce the testing curriculum for fresher and make them job ready.

Sample recorded session

Manual Testing Day 1 Session (Full)

Manual Testing Day 2 Session Part 1

Manual Testing Day 2 Session Part 2

Course Fees

CSTP Course - Learn Manual, QC, QTP and Load Runner - Total Hours 80
Actual Price: Rs.29400/- or $ 650.00
Inaugural Price: Rs.12500/- or $ 280.00

CSTP_Q Course - CSTP plus QTP guided Project - Total Hours 110
Actual Price: Rs. 42900/- or $ 950.00
Inaugural Price: Rs. 17500/- or $ 390.00

CSTP_M Course - CSTP plus Manual Testing guided Project - Total Hours 100
Actual Price: Rs. 37800/- or $ 840.00
Inaugural Price: Rs. 15500/- or $ 340.00

CSTP_MQ Course - CSTP plus Manual Testing and QTP guided Projects - Total Hours 130
Actual Price: Rs.51300/- or $ 1140.00
Inaugural Price: Rs. 20500/- or $ 450.00

For rigorous practice per topic (like Manual or QTP or LR) - We charge for the time the person has used our hours, As one time fee we charge Rs. 1500/- or $35/- and additional charges of Rs.1000/- or $24 per hour we coordinate live session to solve your issues. Email clarification or skype chat will not attract any charges..

One time charge includes
1. Making the application available for the usage of Participants
2. 5 hours support for free during the duration of one month.

To be paid via the payment gateway training_payment.html.
Enter the course name as MTP2APR04

Course Timing - Will be announced in a few days...

Benefit on online training:

1. Effective time management - Travel time is zero
2. More time to practice.
3. This training is conducted live with real time instructor sitting on another end.
4. Getting the qualified trainer is always a challenge in classroom training.
5. One to one communication is possible with the current available technology
6. Lot of time given for practice and all clarifications are attended personally to the participant during the class session or after class through email or Skype
7. As each one of the participant is taking their session from their own place, they can feel like attending an independent one to one session. This allows them to ask questions, as they feel required.
8. We have three online tests during these 60 days of class. Based on your marks, we will focus individually to improve their skill set, if required we will make them to attend additional session. This will enable them to become confident of QTP Automation.
9. After the training, with little more practice, all participants are eligible for certification exams conducted by HP on QTP or ISTQB Certification on Manual LR certification Level 1 by HP. We assure that participants can get very good percentage as well.

Do you need more info?

From 9am to 6pm IST, Monday thru Saturday, you can do live chat with our support team.

If our support team is offline, click on the Live Support button to leave an email message. Our team will respond back to you.
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