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This section provides presentations and text material for your self study. We believe in sharing knowledge is the best way we can help each other.

These materials are prepared by Softsmith.

Over and above these, you are supposed to study the respective guides and tutorials provided by the tools.

These materials are based on our understanding and some people may tend to differ. Open Mentor and Softsmith are not liable for any actions or damages based on these materials. You are using these materials at your own will.
Databases Finance, Accounts, Securities, CRM, SAP
Programming Project Management
Quality Standards Testing
Operating Systems HTML, XSL, CSS, Webservers
Other Servers and Tools Arts, Healthcare, Culture, Practices
Procedural Languages

C Language

COBOL Language
Object Oriented Programming

OOP and C++
C++ Samples
Online Learning

Online learning helps you to learn from anywhere, anytime. We help you to do self-assessment as well.

The whole world can learn for free.
FloodGates - The Ultimate Load Testing Tool

FloodGates tests your web app with 1000s of users and ensures performance.

Use FloodGates for load, stress, volume, endurance and performance tests.
Bug Tracker and Test Management Tool
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