Why is it free?

QAMonitor on cloud is free. Softsmith is a consulting company on software testing. Our revenue comes from that. QAMonitor installable version on your servers has a very low price, to boost further enhancements of the product.

Will you stop free product version after sometime?

No. QAMonitor on cloud with all essential features for test management, will remain free, forever.

Is my data secure?

Yes, absolutely. Our servers are on Amazon EC2 cloud. Amazon has its strong firewalls. Every enterprise database is separate and is not shared with others. Every enterprise web folder is separate. You have user level authentication. All access rights on every screen for every activity is controlled by authorization privileges.

Is QAMonitor scalable to 1000s of users?

Yes. What you are using now is used by 1000s of users already and you can see the speed. We use light-weight UI to ensure great user experience.

Do you take backup of data?

Yes, we take daily backup. We plan to make redundant data discs very soon. Also, if you need your enterprise data backup, please contact our sales. Our support plans will provide you the same.

What technology do you use?

Java, J2EE, javascript, ExtJs library, MySql, Apache Tomcat. We host on linux servers.

How is it different from Bugzilla or Mantis?

Bugzilla or Mantis have only bug tracking modules. They do not have requirements, task, test case and test execution modules. QAMonitor is all inclusive, end to end test and project management product.

Is QAMonitor open source?

No. QAMonitor hosted version is a free software.

What must be the legal age to use QAMonitor?

You must be 18 years or more to use the product. If you are not, do not use the product. We are not responsible for fraudulant use by people who sign-up our free version.

Will you provide consulting?

Yes. Softsmith has a rich experience in software testing. we can provide all consulting services to you.

Will you provide training?

Yes. We can train your team on using our product. Also we provide training services on various testing activities.

Will you provide special reports for a fee?

Yes. Let us know what report you want. Our team will contact you back and get the details. Our service fee is one of the best in the industry.

What internet connection do I need to access QAMonitor?

You need at least a broadband connection to access QAMonitor and see better response times. Dial-up connections may not be faster.

Will there be a downtime of the product?

We provide fortnightly upgrades and it may have a 1 to 3 hour down time. We will publish the same on our website. Usually it will be during Sunday night time, so that there will not be users.

Who uses the product more?

SME companies love the product. We get almost 12 new organizations registering with us every day. Even if you assume 20 users in each organization using the product, QAMonitor helps 250 new users every day.

What if I find a bug?

Please send us an email at qam_helpdesk@softsmith.com We will resolve it.

What if I need a new feature?

Please send us an email at qam_helpdesk@softsmith.com We will consolidate all such requests and implement on a regular basis.

Which browsers are compatible for QAMonitor?

Microsoft Internet Explorer IE 7 and above, Fire Fox 3.6 and above, Chrome latest

How do you define a User?

A QAMonitor User is anyone who can login to the product. The userid must be created by the administrator.

How do I get licensed version of QAMonitor?

Please e-mail to us on your requirements

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