issue tracker

Issues or Bugs or Defects tracking

To err is human. If not tracked well, products perish. If an error or bug or issue is found out in the product, it needs to be resolved or fixed and eventually closed. Tracking every issue or bug is a time consuming job, if done using emails and spreadsheets.

Every organization, needs an issue tracking tool, to track those to closure. QAMonitor provides a robust way to achieve this. Bugs are the potential nightmares to every software or hardware vendor. They drive the CIOs crazy; hence a proven bug tracker is a must to any organization.

Important Features
  • Create bug or issue report
  • Assign a bug or issue for further resolution
  • Closely monitor every status change in the bug or issue
  • Configure your own status codes and workflow
  • Get automatic notification emails based on status
  • Analyze bugs based on status, time taken to resolve, severity etc.

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