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Products - Rules of fair use
These rules are applicable to all customers and end users who use products of Softsmith.
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Rules of fair use
  1. Use the product only for your company needs and projects
  2. Using the product towards terrorism, pornography, any kind of discrimination, any activities of abusive nature are prohibited
  3. You cannot charge or collect any fee from others show casing or using our products
  4. When you use this product for your company, you must use only your company email ids
  5. You must not create junk records to harm the product
  6. Softsmith reserves the right to terminate your account without any notice if we find you misusing the product
  7. In case of unfair usage by you, we reserve the rights to report your details to cyber crime authorities
  8. Hosting a downloadable version of this product without prior permission from Softsmith is prohibited
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