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Test Management
Anyone can develop a product; but getting the perfection in the product happens only by rigorous QA testing. Managing the testing activities is a crucial task towards getting a dependable product. When testing happens at the tail end of the life cycle, it invariably ends up in eating a lot of time and effort due to issues or bugs. This requires repeated testing and hence drains out more time and money.
Important Features
  1. Create test cases
  2. Map tests to requirements
  3. Create test rounds and map test cases to rounds
  4. Assign testers to carry out the tests
  5. Track the pass or fail status of every single test
  6. Track all failures thru issues or bug tracker module
  7. Analyze the execution status
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Test Case Grid
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Be Customer Centric

1. Plan tests for all requirements

2. Regress and track

3. Analyse failures
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