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The whole world can learn for free. Softsmith provides series of webinars to benefit the learning community. This includes live teaching, demos, audience questions, elearning contents, online exams etc.
  Always Long Term  
We give more priority to long term goals that add real value to customers and us.
Mission and Vision
Our mission and vision shall be accomplished by conducting our business with fairness, honesty and transparency so that we can at all times stand public scrutiny. We will never undermine the heritage of trust that comes with the Softsmith brand. We will encourage an organizational culture and structures that have capacity for change.All our activities must be driven by a passion for excellence. We would endeavour to achieve 'best in class' status in all our processes and results.
Vision Statement of Softsmith
To become a market leader in delivering quality enterprise software solutions for our customers, with innovation and integrity.
Mission Statement
To ensure value for our customers by providing quality enterprise software services and products that meet their defined requirements and are easily consumed by the end users while achieving optimal returns to the company, its employees and shareholders.
We shall accomplish our mission by:
Building the brand "Softsmith" and making it synonymous with "Quality".
Strengthening relationships with customers by meeting their defined expectations and business goals.
Providing innovative enterprise software services and products with total focus on quality delivery.
Achieving and continuously improving consistent end-to-end processes that are governed by precise policies
Measuring processes using metrics that are used to enforce uniform adoption across the organization.
Empowering employees to implement the processes and fostering individual achievement, creativity and personal integrity
Sustaining profitable and fair growth in returns to the company, its employees and shareholders
Case Study

Performance Testing Assignment at Arman Infotech

Softsmith Infotech was engaged to certify the products performance for Arman Infotech

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