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The whole world can learn for free. Softsmith provides series of webinars to benefit the learning community. This includes live teaching, demos, audience questions, elearning contents, online exams etc.
We follow ISO religion in our organization. Here every activity is sampled, measured and questioned for compliance.
Quality Philosophy
Quality Policy of Softsmith "To cultivate the culture in people to naturally follow simple, repeatable and measurable processes, and to make the living processes enable us to achieve utmost customer satisfaction, optimal organization profitability and the highest employee value-addition". To Softsmith, the client, their time and energy are most precious and we would go to any heights to deliver the clients their requirements. We take extra efforts to deliver quality enterprise solutions.
Softsmith has refined processes and validation mechanisms, to ensure the teams follow consistent process steps.
Case Study

Performance Testing Assignment at Arman Infotech

Softsmith Infotech was engaged to certify the products performance for Arman Infotech

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