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The whole world can learn for free. Softsmith provides series of webinars to benefit the learning community. This includes live teaching, demos, audience questions, elearning contents, online exams etc.
  Mobiles - The Future  
Internet changed the way we did computing before. Now, the mobiles change that in a much bigger way.
Mobile Enablement
Users and managers spend more time with mobiles and less time in front of the PC or laptop.

Sending a communication to them over mobile, making them to access the application from mobile itself, is the trend as on date.

This greatly enhances the application usage and increases the compliance levels.

Thus you ensure that the users use the application more and more and that helps you to track status and that leads to better governance..
Same application, access from mobile
The once rich-client applications, are now gone and web client (browser) changed the face of every application. And that is now getting changed to have a mobile face (UI).

How about accessing your ERP dashboard from mobile?

How about sending a leave request to your HR system from your mobile? Would that be easy or not?

We build the mobile part of your application for Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry and many PDAs.
1. Mobile interface always increases the usage of a system.

2. Quick data entry helps people enter the data then and there. No delays.

3. The people need not be in front of the PC to interact with your application.

4. We manage connectivity thru GPRS as well as SMS gateways.

5. Your high end applications can have a cost effective user access device. Less investment towards end user access points.
Case Study

Packetized data transmission

Softsmith has provided a customized solution to address
packetization of data and transmit the same in a low bandwidth scenario to its customers

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