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Delivery Models
Outsourced testing allows clients 'to get truly independent testing', 'to reduce time-to-market', 'to gain access to specialised testing expertise ...  and to [proprietary] testing tools' and 'ultimately to improve software quality' ...and saves between '35% and 50%' of overall development costs.
Client Engagement
One time Onsite
In this model, our test specialists are placed onsite at the client's place. They get involved in the project right from the design stage of the development cycle to the final stage. They carry out test planning, test cases preparation, test case execution, test case automation, problem reporting etc., and final handing over of all the test related work products at the time of completion.
Recurring – Onsite- Offshore
The above said services (as listed in the One time onsite model) are followed up by actual regression testing and maintenance of the test libraries at our labs in India.
Full Offshore
In this model, a test co-ordinator shall be placed on site during the development phase and a parallel team of testers will be placed offshore at the test labs in India. The testing activities are carried out at our test labs and the detailed bug reports are sent immediately to the offshore client.
Case Study

Incentive Plan Module (Microsoft .Net)

Softsmith infotech executed the development project
using total off site model and provides functional & performance testing for Fullerton India Ltd using ASP.net and Ajax technology

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