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Test Automation
Softsmith provides quality automated testing services across all programming/ scripting languages and tool vendors. Softsmith  helps with initial planning, tool selection, and configuration, as well as selecting the appropriate application areas to automate.
We have a proven track record of successfully integrating automated testing programs into existing test programs. By creating a solid architecture, converting and adding test scripts and effectively executing and managing the test case, we provide a comprehensive test automation solution.
Our Test automation services provide
Improved testing coverage of applications before release.
Measurement of defect release rates at the beginning, and during, the testing process.
Assessment of current automation procedures to identify issues that could affect the outcome of automated testing.
Executing the test automation program.
If you own a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) automation tool from Compuware, IBM/Rational, Mercury, Segue, etc, Softsmith will create test scripts using that tool to add to your library and create the framework to pull together these automated scripts to create an easily maintained asset.
If you need a custom test harness or application, Softsmith can build the framework required to drive your test cases through your application with any of the common programming or scripting languages: Perl, Python, Java, VB, C++, etc.
Softsmith  will develop the custom tools you need for Automated Testing of functional, regression and performance tests. We provide everything from automated test harnesses, data driven test suites to full-blown testing applications.
Softsmith has significant experience in successfully implementing Test Automation projects. Our expertise ensures that Test Automation is smoothly integrated into your existing project infrastructure.
Evaluate the feasibility and costs/benefits of the Test Automation program
Create a customized solution that meets the specific project needs
Generate test tool plans,automated test processes and test cases
Develop utility functions, test suites and test scripts
Train your staff to use and maintain your test tools and assets
Be able to perform tests across releases and configurations
Experience QA Lab's maintainable, extensible and reusable Test Automation solutions
Free up testers to focus on higher risk exploratory testing
Reduce testing costs for regression, acceptance and other repetitive tests
Improve the productivity of your existing automated testing tools
Discover the benefits of using automated Regression tests in your rapid release schedule
Be able to make automated testing decisions that yield positive return-on-testing investment
Case Study

Incentive Plan Module (Microsoft .Net)

Softsmith infotech executed the development project
using total off site model and provides functional & performance testing for Fullerton India Ltd using ASP.net and Ajax technology

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