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Just one reality load test can bring out so many performance issues from your application.
Reality Load Test
Know the fact: The speed of your hosted web application is different, for users hitting from various cities across the globe.

Here are a few scenarios to think about.

An online shopping site. User searches for a product, selects a product, adds to shopping cart, provides payment details and user confirms payment.

Online travel site. User enters round trip details, user selects flights, provides payment details and confirms payment.

When 1000s of such users do same kind of valuable transactions, what is the gurantee that your web application responds with the same speed for the user searching from Los Angeles and for the user accessing from New York? The speed varies from city to city, from ISP to ISP.

How can we accurately find out the end user experience? Softsmith can do that for you.
We send requests from the cloud to your web application.
We have tool licenses. We send requests to your application from actual end user desktops, from about 150,000 machines around the globe.
Different internet service providers and bandwidth can be chosen based on your needs
Your application speed can be monitored 24 by 7
The response time from every such node from every location can be analyzed for connection, latency etc.
We provide benchmarks based on internet standards
Identify bottlenecks and provide tuning suggestions
Case Study

Online Exam Reality Load

See a sample reality load test report.

This kind of detailed report will be provided for every load testing engagement.

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