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Performance Testing
Softsmith offers a broad range of performance and load testing offshore outsourcing services under one roof. Our team of experienced performance consultants will help you to identify major performance bottlenecks in your enterprise or web or ecommerce applications hosted in data centers or cloud.

Our cost effective performance testing services will help you to conduct various kinds of test like volume testing, stress testing, endurance testing, stability testing and scalability testing.

Our performance test engineers will help you to identify performance bottlenecks on various technologies like .Net, Java, PHP, Ajax, Flex , webservice (SOAP/REST), etc.

We give suggestions towards performance tuning using performance monitor results for your Hardware, Application server(Tomcat, Webspere, weblogic, IIS etc) and database servers.

Our team has executed load tests in domains like Banking, eCommerce, eLearning, Insurance etc.,

We offer the following performance testing/ Load testing services:

  • Load testing services for web and mobile applications
  • On demand performance testing services
  • Performance testing consulting
  • Performance Monitoring (with or without firewall)
  • Last mile performance testing (response time of pages from specific countries/cities)
  • Offshore software performance testing services

  • Softsmith's Load/Performance testing offshore services include:

  • Cost effective and low-budget performance testing
  • Bottleneck identification
  • Performance testing on cloud
  • Performance testing on data centres
  • Last mile performance testing from Indian nodes
  • Last mile performance testing from major cities in India like Chennai, Bangalore, Hydrabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, etc.
  • Free Load Testing proof of concept for hosted web applications
  • Load testing on Web services
  • Load testing with unlimitted users

  • Softsmith Advantage

    1. We have done at least 10000 hours of performance testing on various applications
    2. We have our IP product FloodGates for load testing with unlimited users
    3. We have a very good domain knowledge across various industries
    4. Our services are highly flexible for agile environments
    5. We value your hard earned money and provide services within your budget

    Our Clients include (this is a partial list):

    1. City Union Bank
    2., USA
    3. Sundaram Infotech Solutions
    4. Arman Infotech
    5. TekOptimize, USA
    6. MeritTrac
    7. ALJ, Dubai
    8. MetricStream

    Click Here to view a case study on load testing.

    Key concepts on Performance Testing
    If your web application is slow, your customer starts thinking of trying your competitor's site.

    If you are not ready to wait for more than 7 seconds on a web application, your customer can also think the same way.

    The speed of your hosted web application is different, for users hitting from various cities across the globe.

    Softsmith can solve these problems. We provide different types of performance testing - Load, Stress, Scalability, Reliability, Volume and Availability testing.
    We can load test your application in LAN (inside firewall), from cloud (outside firewall, from data centers)
    Reality Load: We can tell the speed of your application from typical end user machines from various cities across the globe (outside firewall). e.g. response time from Chicago is 7 sec, from Los Angeles is 3.4 sec, from London 8.5 sec, from Beijing 11.2 sec etc.
    Identify load test scenarios and prepare script
    Prepare data and environment for load test
    Configure scripts and execute load test scripts
    Monitor application behaviour, system behaviour and performance trend
    Identify bottlenecks and provide tuning suggestions
    Test the application before it breaks in production
    You do not have to buy load testing tools; we have licenses and you pay only for the usage
    You can plan better for hardware before you go-live
    You can publish the results to your end customers to gain their confidence
    Ensure a consistent application behaviour
    Get performance testing at a lower cost in a faster way
    Case Study

    OpenCRM Load Test

    See a sample performance test report.

    This kind of detailed report will be provided for every load testing engagement.

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