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VAPT Testing Services
Softsmith security testing services will help your team to overcome problems like vulnerability attacks, application security failures, and compliance issues.

Softsmith security testing includes Web Application Penetration Testing, Security Code Review, Vulnerability Testing, Network Security Assessment, Product Security Testing, and compliance auditing.

Softsmith uses the best security testing tools in the industry to scan all ports, check for security patches, locations where you store confidential data, etc. We use tools that can identify 55000+ vulnerabilities. It is impossible for a manual tester to check all these vulnerabilities. We scan your Primary Data Center (PDC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) data centers.

Softsmith Security Testing services team caaries out the following activities:

Asset coverage and profiling
  • Discovers physical and virtual devices on network
  • Identifies operating system, applications and databases running on those assets(systems)

  • Mobile Device Auditing
  • Integrates with apple profile manager, Microsoft Exchange

  • Malicious Process/Anti Virus auditing
  • Detect known or suspicious malicious processes and botnets.

  • Patch management Integration
    Integrates with Patch management systems like:
  • IBM
  • Tivoli
  • Endpoint manager (TEM)
  • Microsoft SSCM and WSUS
  • Red Hat
  • Network Satellite server

  • Sensitive Content Auditing/Internal Compliance
  • Agentless content auditing for Window, Unix based systems
  • Anti-virus vendor audits
  • CERT recommendations
  • CIS and NSA best practice guides
  • GLBA guidelines
  • HIPAA profiles
  • NIST SCAP and FDCC content
  • PCI configuration requirements
  • Recommended vendor settings
  • Check Point firewall configurations
  • Cisco router and firewall configurations
  • Juniper router, firewall, and network switch configurations
  • Palo Alto Networks firewall configurations

  • Advantage of Softsmith's Security/Vulnerability testing services

  • Cost effective
  • Client need not purchase security testing tool license
  • Conducts VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) and Application security Testing under one roof
  • Vast experience in multiple domains on security testing
  • Are your servers safe?
    1. Your servers contain valuable content and customer data.
    2. Every second, cyber attacks keep happening.
    3. All it needs is one bad person to get access to your valuable information assets.
    4. Attacks come from inside and outside the office premises.
    5. Not safeguading the data leads to legal and compliance issues.
    Hope you got the message. About 75% of the customers do not have a clear awareness on vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. When one can safe-guard PCs and laptops with anti-virus software, what about the big time servers?
    If you have a data center that hosts a set of servers, then you need to do vulnerability assessments (VA).
    It is good to identify a vulnerability and it is better to find if someone can exploit that vulnerability and get into your servers. Just one single rogue stranger process can bring down the the credibility of the whole company. It takes time to build trust and it takes less than a minute to lose the same. Our tools try will conduct SQL Injection tests, JavaScript injection tests, Cross Site Scripting tests, pair tests to inject malicious data etc. This is called Penetration Testing (PT).
    All vulnerabilities are prioritized based on the risk they pose to the data and applications. The reports will be shared with customers soon after every scan.
    VAPT is not just a one time exercise. Customers need to keep conducting these tests periodically. Ideally it is better to scan all servers every month, though people do it once a quarter. Attackers come from all angles - pcs, mobiles etc. So, the more you do and shield your systems, it is safer. Softsmith will assist you end to end to conduct VAPT activities.
    VAPT Sevices

    Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing

    Test your servers from inside and outside firewall.
    This is not a one time exercise. As long as there are cyber attacks, we need to close all loopholes.

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