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Tracking Issues or Defects or Bugs
Issues are synonymous to defects or bugs or problems or tickets. When a test is executed, if the actual results differ from the expected results, it is termed as an issue.
Login as a tester.
Select a project from the project list box.
Navigate to issues page.
You will see a grid that has the list of bugs in that project.
Click on New Issue. A new window will open.
Defect Title - One line description about the bug.

Defect Description - Detailed description of the bug.

Status - Initially it will default to New.

Priority - Choose the priority of the bug.

Severity - Choose the severity of the bug.

Version - Choose the version of the product.

Detected on - Defaults to current date.

Build Number - Choose the build of the product.

Host - Choose the host name where the bug was detected.

Screen Name - Enter the screen name of the application.

Is Reproducible - If the bug is consistent, check this ON.

Test Round - Select the test round.

Module - Select the module.

Scenario - Choose the scenario.

TestCase - Choose the test case that caused the bug to appear.

You can add attachments as well.

Click on Save to save the bug details.

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