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Customized Charts
Login as any user.

Go to Charts window.

From the standard charts window, click on custom charts.

A new page will appear.

Choose the project from the project list box.

Select a module for which you want to generate a chart.

Choose a parameter for X axis.

Choose a gorup by item if you wish.

Choose a chart from the list box.

Choose a chart type from the list box.

Choose bar width from the list box.

Choose X Axis angle for the caption to appear.

Click on Generate.

You will see a chart on the right hand side.

By default it will show the count on the Y axis.

You can change the chart from bar chart to pie chart at any time.

If no group by item is chosen, the chart will be a simple chart.

If a group by item is chosen, the chart will have stacks of items on each bar.

If you want to save the chart parameters for later use, enter the name for the chart and click Save Chart. It will appear on the Quick Chart list box at the top.

At a later time, you can simply select that chart name from the list box and it will display the chart.

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