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Map tests to test round

Here you will map a set of test cases for a particular test round.

  • Login as test lead.
  • Select a project from projects list box.
  • Go to Test Run page.
  • Click on Map Tests. A new window will open.

Select the test round that has been added, from the list box at the top.

Select a test module from the module list box at the top.

The list of test scenarios will appear on the top left hand side panel.

In that tree, select the appropriate node.

The list of test cases for that scenario will appear at the bottom left hand side panel.

Select one or more test cases and click on Add. These test cases will be mapped to the test round.

If you want to add all test cases for a scenario, select the checkbox against the scenario and click on add. All test cases under that scenario will be added to the test round.

To remove any wrongly mapped test cases, click on the thrash can icon on the right hand side panel for that test case.

Copy From Round

This feature is used when we need to have another test round same or similar to a previous round. This will minimize a lot of work for the test lead or test manager.

From Round section. Select a round. Module, Status, assigned to are by default ALL. The details of this round will be copied to the target. You can do selective copy by using the module and assigned to filters.

To round section. Select a round as target. If assigned to same user is set ON, the test case to tester mapping will be retained from the source round. Alternately you can choose a tester to whom the tests must be assigned.

Click on Add.

The target round will have the mappings of test cases and/or testers as the source round, thus minimizing the work for test lead or test manager.